Kitchen Table Workshops

They're custom-designed creative workshops in your homes (around the kitchen table or in your lounge but more about kitchens and their special affinity with creativity at the bottom of this page) with the idea of identifying what you would most like to develop creatively:

  • writing in a range of genres
  • drama / improvisation, 
  • singing and voicework, 
  • crafting, and self-care practices. 
As women we often nurture those around us. Kitchen Table Workshops aims to make that support available to ourselves in a fun, accessible and creative way. In your own home, or the home of a friend, you can relax and enjoy the creative activities and possibly arrange to have very young children with you. I aim to make these workshops doable for anyone who has young children or is more comfortable in their own home. Get together with 3-9 of your friends and book me for your next catch-up.

The Kitchen Table Workshop Menu

Option 1 The Kitchen Table Writing Workshop – a 2-4 hour workshop exploring a variety of genres and forms of writing through a variety of activities. More of a taste-tester with the opportunity to explore the genres you really enjoy.

Option 2 The Kitchen Table Sound Workshop – a 2-4 hour exploration of voice (singing and speaking), from warm-ups (rock your shower singing), sound baths, story-telling (you’re your Moth moment) through to speaking confidently around the table and in your daily life. Walk away with your roar restored.

Option 3The Kitchen Table Theatre Workshop – a 2-4 hour dive into improvisation, theatre techniques, writing for the theatre, ad-libbing and creative play around themes, character archetypes, masks, and scenarios. Untether your theatrical selves.

Option 4The Kitchen Table Women’s Circle – a 2-4 hour nourishing workshop centred around self-care, the opportunities at each stage of womanhood, the seasonal opportunities, and the ways we can support each other and ourselves in everyday life. This includes crafting self-care products, as well as meditations, and creative journaling. A nourishing kit of activities and practices to brighten each day.

Option 5The Super Supreme Kitchen Table Workshop – a bespoke 2-4 hour workshop where you choose which elements of Options 1-4 (Writing, Sound, Theatre and Women’s Circle workshops) you would like to share with your friends around your kitchen table.

A choose your own creative adventure.

For a 4 person 2 hour workshop, it is $50 per person. (BYO food and drink, or prepare it around the activities)
For a 10 person 4 hour workshop, it is $70 per person. (BYO food and drink, or prepare it around the activities)

Contact me to discuss further.
Caitlin McGrath
0427 689 131

Why Kitchen Table Workshops?

I come from a long line of women for whom the kitchen is a central place of creativity, connection, nourishment and listening, talking, and understanding. 

Whenever we get together for a celebration or a funeral, a birth, a big birthday, the kitchen has always been where the cracking stories are shared by different women, where girls learn about their heritage, where hurts are shared and support is always given. 

I’d like to honour this fulcrum of connection and community (whatever that looks like for me and others), and home, by offering workshops within it. 

Have a workshop come to you and your friends, covering what you would really like to kickstart creatively in your lives. I aim to make it accessible, affordable, and enjoyable for you to explore your creative burn.

Caitlin McGrath

Facilitator and Creative Multi-Passionate

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